You probably have questions about the platform. You should be able to find the answers to most of them here. If you can't, feel free to reach out! We'll keep updating this page as and when we feel is necessary.

I tried signing up to be matched but the form is no longer open. Will I be able to sign up again in the future?

Signups will not be opened up again in the future. We only planned to have three bonding sessions per group to help students start to adjust to virtual student life. But don't worry! Join up for Happy Hour to continue to meet a bunch of cool new people. 

Will I still be able to attend Happy Hour or host my own event on the platform if I'm not a freshman?

YES! The more the merrier.

Can I have other people host my Happy Hour room with me?

´╗┐No problem! You have full control of how you'd like to structure the evening in your room.