A little background about the team behind Columbia Connect. Seriously, feel free to reach out!


Sanjana Jagannathan


I'm a chemical engineer by training who's extremely interested in understanding human behavior and exploring the ways in which design can be used to strengthen culture and human experiences.

Other things you should know;

+ I'm originally from Singapore but have lived and grown up in seven countries, most recently the Netherlands;

+ I'm super, super into magazines and zines;

+ I can always talk about weird and niche experimental films, tragic figures and impossible personalities in pop culture, and books (usually essay collections).


Naina Lavakare


I'm a sociologist/psychologist by major and a UX designer by career. 

Other things you should know:

+ I've never been in one school for more than 3 years and have lived in India, California, Milan, Paris, and am currently based in New York;

+ I host my own podcast with my best friend (who has been confused for being my twin multiple times);

+ I was on the Barnard/Columbia slam poetry team for two years and competed nationally with other creatives;

+ I can always talk about behavioral science books, design podcasts, and foreign films;


Savannah Wu


I'm an urban planner/designer from Taipei and Shanghai who's interested in exploring all things related to cities, urban mobility, health, and climate change mitigation and adaptation. 

Other things you should know:

+ I live in New York and plan to work at the Columbia GSAPP Urban Health & Equity Lab this summer to explore sustainable/circular housing;

+ I studied architecture and sustainable energy at Boston University and recently graduated from Columbia's Urban Planning program, concentrating in urban analytics and international planning;

+ I'm an avid cook (@spicyinfusions on Instagram) and cyclist;

+ I can always talk about jazz, architecture, maps, Shotokan Karate, and books.


Wangechi Njuguna


I'm an aspiring software developer from Nairobi, Kenya. I enjoy collaborating with creative and like-minded individuals on projects that positively impact people's perspectives on common issues.

Other things you should know:

+ I'm currently planning on majoring in Computer Science at Columbia Engineering;

+ I am absolutely in love with potatoes in all cooked shapes, forms, and sizes;

+ I'm an avid reader who enjoys crime thrillers, African literature, autobiographies, classics - you name it!

+ I'm interested in exploring the interdisciplinary connection between programming and the process of human-centered design.


Mel Wang


I don't know what I want to be yet career-wise, but right now I'm an artist that loves coding and politics! I'm from Cebu, Philippines and I love creating projects that challenge me to learn new skills and call on people to do better (I'm very idealistic).

Other things you should know:

+ I lived on my own in Singapore for three years which was an ***experience***;

+ I have five different majors on my mind at the moment and there will probably be more to come after I finish my first year at Barnard;

+ I love the idea of using code to make art and to make computer science more relatable and 'hip' to all audiences;

+ I'm obsessed with anything even remotely related to art - zines, podcasts, video essays, weird niche films, posters, aesthetic ads, typography, spoken word, logos, etc. If it's art, it's my obsession!


Hannah Guan


I'm a social media strategist interested in global business with a knack for creative storytelling from Phoenix, Arizona.

Other things you should know:

+ I'm planning to major in Economics at Barnard College;

+ I previously worked on social media strategies for two chocolate companies;

+ I'm a huge podcast junkie: Vice, Code Switch, Sticky Notes: The Classical Music Podcast, Hidden name it;

+ I can always talk about dessert recipes, oral interpretation, my dog, and classical music (Russian-trained harpist here!).